Fantastic creatures III: masters of escape

What would you do if someone (or something) came at you with the unashamedly obvious intention of eating you? Would you try to outwit it by dressing up and becoming part of the scenery? Would you make use of your ninja skills and kick it in the face before running away? Or would you keep it cool and wait until this someone (or something) suddenly realised it doesn’t actually have the guts to digest you? Whatever imaginary stratagem your mind is plotting right now has the potential to be vastly overshadowed by what you are about to read. Welcome to the 2019 edition of Fantastic Creatures.

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More fantastic creatures and where to find them

Although I still haven’t managed to watch the movie on Newt Scamander’s meanderings in New York, I’ve continued to keep tabs on some of the real and equally fantastic creatures that roam around this planet. I already wrote about some of them a while ago (you can check it out here), but the truth is that there are many more awaiting to be discovered and ready to blow our minds. Seriously, there are animals out there that do truly astounding things. If there is only one thing you can take from this post, let it be this TedTalk:Read More »

Fantastic creatures and where to find them

It’s been a while since my last post in English, which means that ideas have been steadily accumulating in my ‘to write’ folder. Some of these ideas come from my own experience with PhD applications and interviews (and the help and advice I was selflessly offered), which hopefully will be of use for someone going through similar situations in the future. Other ideas are shaping up towards something like a series of interviews, with a focus on bringing out the people behind a sometimes dehumanised science.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today I bring you nature at its wildest. Today I bring you three creatures that might as well appear in the upcoming J.K. Rowling movie. Well… Except the first one… The first one has enough movies already. Over the past couple of months I have read about some really curious fellows, and I decided to bookmark them and share them with you. Yes, yes, you can thank me later. For now, join me for a trip into some of the most fantastic and unimaginable corners of our planet.

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