5+ years of experience in scientific writing (peer-reviewed articles, protocols, grants, and abstracts)

4+ years of experience in editing and proofreading (Phenotype, Bright Brains, Principia)

6+ years of experience in science communication (Principia, UCL Symposium, SWC Blog)


Manuscript Support

I can provide help and support in the writing, editing, and proofreading of manuscripts, abstracts, personal statements, CVs, and more. I can also work with you to improve the flow, style, and cohesion of your text to ensure your message is clear and resonates with the reader.

Figures & Slides

I can help you take the style and feel of your figures and slides to the next level and ensure they communicate the intended message in a concise, coherent, and professional manner.


I can read the final version of your manuscript to check for typographical errors as well as to provide an external, impartial perspective on the flow and structure of the text.


English | Spanish | Catalan